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Welcome to Worn Only Once – the simple way to search hundreds of wedding and formal dresses (or suits) from the comfort of your own home.

Where to start? Simple. Do you have an idea of what type and style of garment you are looking for; or have you perhaps found the perfect one in the shops but hope to find it for sale at a preloved price? Our search tools will help you to find a list of garments that suit your criteria.

Buying Tips

Take your time to look at the listings, making sure you read all information carefully. If you are interested in a garment, contact the seller via our easy to use contact form on the bottom of the listing.

You may have questions for the seller, such as how the item has been kept, when it was purchased, whether the price is negotiable or whether authenticity can be proven through provision of a receipt or the garment label. The seller will respond to you directly, and based on your satisfaction with their response you can arrange to view the garment. It’s also worth checking the seller’s accepted payment methods (this will be displayed as part of the listing).

We recommend taking someone with you to assist with trying and fitting. Be conscious of taking care when trying on the garment to avoid any damage to fabric or detailing. For the ladies: it’s best to remove your jewellery, and consider taking a scarf to cover your face to avoid transfer of makeup onto the garment.

If you decide to proceed with purchasing the garment, make arrangement for payment and also shipping if required. While Worn Only Once is not responsible for transactions, we do recommend using PayPal as it offers some buyer protection.


Q. What if I can’t find the right gown?
A. Register for our latest listing email, or follow us on Facebook.

Q. Does Worn Only Once stock or buy dresses?
A. We do not carry any stock – we simply offer a platform to buy and sell.

Q. How do I contact a seller?
A. Simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of the listing.

Q. Are listed prices negotiable?
A. Contact the seller to discuss.

Q. What if I cannot contact the seller?
A. Contact us via email with the listing reference number and we will follow them up.

Q. What If a garment’s condition is not as described?
A. Worn Only Once cannot be held responsible for the descriptions provided by sellers. To avoid any potential issues, ensure that you view items prior to purchase.

Q. What if the buyer claims not to have received my payment?
A. We are not responsible for transactions between the buyer and seller. We recommend Paypal as payment method as it offers some buyer protection.

Q. How can I zoom in on the photos?
A. Right click on the image and save it onto your computer, then view image with zoom tools.

Other questions? Please email us

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