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Create a Wedding Listing $30     Create a Formal Listing $20

Worn Only Once is online only and Australia wide. We do not have a shop front but offer a beautiful webspace to list yourwedding gown or formal dress for sale. Our website is targeted at women who are looking at buying pre-loved and hoping to save themselves money. We’re here to take the hard work out of re-homing your beloved wedding and formal garments.  Whether it’s a dress that no longer fits, garments that are no longer wanted, or you’re simply looking to create a little extra space in your wardrobe - we can help. It's time for a clear out!

What does it cost?

Formal Wear Listings - bridesmaids gowns, formal gowns, mens suits and any other formal wear.
Cost per listing: $20
Number of photos: 3

Wedding Listings - Wedding dresses
Cost per listing: $30
Number of photos: 4
Optional Extra: $5 to duplicate your listing in the formal section (Ideal for a bridesmaid gown that could be worn for a high school formal or other occasion)

Children's Wear Listings - Please email us for your special code to get $5 listing.
Cost per listing: $5
Number of photos: 3

Accessory Listings - Please email us for your special code to get $5 listing.
Cost per listing: $5
Number of photos: 3

Worn Only Once does not apply commissions to the sale of your garment. All you pay is the cost of the listing.

There’s no limit on how long you can advertise a garment through Worn Only Once. Once you create your listing it will remain live until it has sold or when you choose to remove it.

How do I create my listing?

Our easy-to-use selling form will step you through the process of creating your listing. Below are some tips to help you:

  • When deciding on the right sale price, consider the age of the garment, the designer, the condition and the original purchase price. Remember to include a note in your listing if your listed price is negotiable.
  • Supply quality pictures including a full-length shot of the front and back, and a close up of any detail. Also try to ensure that pictures give an accurate portrayal of the garment colour.
  • Detail as much relevant information as possible about the garment if you think it will be helpful to potential buyers. For example, measurements or any specifics related to the condition of the garment.
  • You must disclose all information regarding garment faults or alterations.
  • Once your listing is live, you can log back in at any time to adjust the sale price or change the photos.
  • The text you put in the first few sentences of your listing is important. This will help your dress be found by someone searching for your dress via a search engine. If you need help optimising the text to your listing, please let us know. Also be sure to include the brand of your item in the title.

Processing a listing means you agree with our terms and conditions. Please see the terms and conditions for full details.

Safe Selling

Once your listing is live, be aware of scam emails from people claiming to be interested in your garment. While Worn Only Once takes every precaution to provide a safe online trading platform, there are currently some illegitimate parties targeting online sellers in an attempt to solicit confidential information such as paypal or bank account details for fraudulent use. If you have a concern about a buyer enquiry, please forward the email to us and we will investigate further.

Keep safety in mind when arranging for a potential buyer to view and try a garment. We suggest having a close friend or neighbour with you while the potential buyer is at your residence. Be sure to make a comfortable space available to the potential buyer where they can try on the garment.

Do not, under any circumstances, ship an item prior to receiving payment in full from a buyer. Agree on a price and keep the buyer’s garment in a safe and clean condition until the sale transaction is finalised.

Worn Only Once protects seller privacy through the exclusion of your personal contact details online. Filtering on the contact forms also helps to prevent any spam.
Please see the terms and conditions and also our privacy policy for full details. (Client to provide)

Once the item has sold

All listings are live for as long as it takes for the item to sell. Once the item is sold we ask that you please log-in to delete the listing. We will then confirm this removal with a thank-you discount voucher for future use.


Q. How will buyers find my listing?
A.  We are advertising on wedding sites, magazines, Facebook and blogs to drive traffic to the Worn Only Once site. Once buyers are on the site, they will find your listing if it matches their search criteria.

Q. How long will it be until my listing goes live?
A. Your listing is live within the first 3 hours after proceeding through checkout.

Q. How long will my listing be live?
A. There is no limit on the length of time for which you can leave advertise on Worn Only Once. Your listing will remain live until the item sells or you choose to remove it.

Q. What size should my photos be?
A. We recommend that you upload photos 640 pixels high by 480 pixels wide at 72dpi resolution. Photos should be uploaded in high quality JPG format for best photographic reproduction.

Q. Can I post extra photos?
A. Not at this time. Included are 4 photos per wedding listing and 3 photos per formal listing.

Q. What are payment methods?
A. Paypal and Credit Card (via paypal) are the payment options at this time.

Other questions? Please email us.

Sell wedding dress, sell bridesmaid dresses, flower girls, page boys suits, sell wedding accessories, sell formal dress, we all have a dress bought for an occasion, worn once only, then stored away in our cupboard never to wear again. Time to clear some room in your cupboard! Don't forget you can also sell mother-of-the-bride outfits and mens suits.


A Word Of Warning About Scammers

We have had reports on scammers attempting to rip people off. The onus is really on the seller to be aware of the scam and not follow through with sending an item before payment has been received.

You can go to and read more information about scammers. You can also choose to report the scam.

This article outlines how the scam works

It could also be wise for sellers to google the email address being used (especially if gmail, yahoo etc) as there are several sites now that list the emails that are being used for this scam process - often the same ones being used repeatedly.

If the interested buyer sounds dodgy, it most likely is. Clear signs are broken english and misconstructed sentences. Best not to reply so that they do not have your email address.

Please be wary of emails that seem suspicious. Don't ever give out your Paypal details and don't send any money to buyers. Please see example below of a dodgy email:

Thank you for your email,i am so sorry for not responding to your email on time it was due to been busy with work.glad to know the dress is still available for sale and in good condition as it was described on the advert.i want you to know I'm an oceanographer  and currently working on the sea. i am using my own personal courier company for the pickup of the dress because the dress is going to be deliver to my Daughter as a special delivery at where she live due to it is a gift,i want to make it a surprise gift for her,she won't know anything about the gift until it get delivered to her,i can only  make payment through PayPal because there is no way i could get off the sea to make any other form of payment and moreover PayPal is a secured method of payment for both the buyer and bank account is linked to my PayPal account.kindly email me a PayPal money request invoice direct to my verified PayPal email which is the same as my email address _______ so i can  proceed with the payment.i believe you can set up a PayPal account easily atwww.paypal if you dont have one.looking forward to hear back from you soon.